Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 17: All your base are belong to us

No handles but we got some baseboards, among other things.

Because the floor had to be raised to accommodate the piping to the island, there is a pretty large step up now. They framed it in today. I can live with this solution (there was talk early on of a sloped solution, but I like this better).
More baseboards.
Dishwasher finally in place! I cannot WAIT to try this thing out.
We're positively wallowing in walking space now.
And finally: backsplash all in! No grout yet, but I think that looks dandy.

1 comment:

  1. It does look dandy! You're making me want to do mine before the arctic entry I had planned for next year - or at least to tile something..... :)

    See my ideas for your under micro space in last post - also, you could do a drop-down shelf - you didn't say how big the gap was, but you could build a little "L" that would attach to the gap, and go over the tile just a little, for a small shelf for short spices, oil bottles, etc. for cooking......or something magnetic? For spice jars?