Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 5: Electrified

We now have electricity running to the island space, and piping from the island space to the main water pipes in the back wall. We need to have the power shut off to most of our tier in the next day or two, and the water needs to be shut off yet again ... I suspect we're blowing through our neighborly good will at a rapid pace.

These signs have become more or less a daily occurrence in my building. The editor in me hates the overblown language of these notices. "In order to effect repairs to a unit." HATE.
We will have three outlets on the front of the island. My kitchen shall not want for power. There will also be two or three outlets on the back wall, which I think are visible there, and a bunch on the column. If you look closely you will see that the electrician did a terrific job of disentangling the former electrical mess. It's all nice and tidy now, and with any luck less prone to catching fire.
The column has been destroyed. They have to switch access to the breaker box to the other side since the pantry will get in the way of the current door. That pipe that runs into the bottom of the box is the reason we couldn't take the damn column out, and the reason that the whole tier needs to be without power while this switch happens.

New pipes amidst the lava.
And to round out the day, partial destruction of the ceiling to make way for the new track and pendant lighting.
Hopefully some drywall can still go up while we wait for the power to be shut off to the tier. I'm pretty tired of staring at that gaping hole in the wall. Meanwhile, all the appliances and cabinets are due to arrive any minute now. The chaos will be raised to a whole new level.

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