Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 13: Holding pattern

Even though the crew was at the house way longer than usual yesterday, there's not a lot to show. The plastic went back up (boo) because a LOT of sanding of walls was done. We need to pick out paint colors soon. We're definitely having them paint the entire ceiling (kitchen and living room) and we may even have them repaint the living room because a lot of walls have sustained, if not damage, then dings.

And it turns out that the counter stone we had our hearts set on is discontinued (double boo) so we had to pick out a new one over the weekend. The counter lady spent a couple of hours yesterday making a template, and she swears we will have counters today. I am skeptical but open minded.

AND, the crew discovered that one of our base cabinets was damaged in some way, and we got the wrong side panel for another cabinet, so our man Carlos had to take a trip to Ikea to get those things straightened out. Can't have counters if you don't have cabinets.

The far left cabinet is now being swapped out. And see over there, the cabinet that goes above where the fridge will be? There will be a side panel that runs from the top of the cabinet down to the floor so that the fridge looks built in. Ikea's cabinets are all the same color, so if you get a different door color like we did then you have to have those side panels to make it all look uniform.
And the under-sink cabinet doors have been removed because we wanted to have shutoff valves installed for the water. But the cabinet next to it has a door now.
See that big beauty? That's my new sink.
And this is our counter. I can't really tell what I'm looking at, but I'm told that's our very counter.

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