Monday, January 30, 2017

Phase 1 of Operation Cabin Rehab is 90% Complete

I've been horrified by the carpet in the cabin bathroom since the first day I set foot in it. Who carpets a bathroom?? So gross. Finally, FINALLY, my years of silent suffering have paid off.

Here are a couple of before shots. I mean, it was a fine, serviceable bathroom. Just kind of run down and grubby and not at all what I want in a bathroom.

Here it is after we took everything out in preparation for the contractor. It actually looks less worn out. Still, not my jam.

And here we are after the contractor ripped all the fixtures out. The tub was the only thing that stayed. Considering how many toilets have cracked during the winter over the years, there was far less damage to the subfloor than I had anticipated.

And now yay, the contractor has done his magic! The wall color was supposed to be a very, very subtle green, but apparently sitting in a closet enduring years of heat and cold did no favors to my paint. The contractor said he could match the color exactly, which didn't exactly happen, but it turns out I like this better anyway. It's yellow in some lights and green in others. Anyway: look at that lovely floor!!

And here are a couple of shots with everything put back together. I am just so very pleased.

It's way more me.

One final thing will happen in the bathroom: during Phase 2, The Great Window Replacement, we're going to insert a new casement window above the tub. Natural light will be a welcome addition to this room.