Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 17: All your base are belong to us

No handles but we got some baseboards, among other things.

Because the floor had to be raised to accommodate the piping to the island, there is a pretty large step up now. They framed it in today. I can live with this solution (there was talk early on of a sloped solution, but I like this better).
More baseboards.
Dishwasher finally in place! I cannot WAIT to try this thing out.
We're positively wallowing in walking space now.
And finally: backsplash all in! No grout yet, but I think that looks dandy.

Day 16: Smidgens

More sanding. More backsplash. More cornices.

Painting is supposed to happen Monday and Tuesday ... I suppose I should decide on a color or two. My color choices probably won't please anyone but me.
Backsplash is just about done. You may be wondering where the microwave is. So am I. It's been on a slow boat from Korea for, like, one million years. We're supposed to have it in hand next Thursday. We realized last night that it won't entirely fill the space above the stove so we have to figure out what to do about that.
Cabinets are looking super fancy. They were asking about handle placement so maybe those will go on soon. Yay!
And here's a closeup of the unfinished back of the sink that's causing so much angst. It doesn't bother me, but whatever.
So we're just down to the finishing touches now, I think. Toe boards, the pieces that go on the bottom of the cabinets, etc. I gather that they're not putting in the lighting or the fridge and pantry until after they paint, so that'll all be next week.

We're getting close!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 15: Splash!

I guess the counter lady came back to do some sanding or something. Everyone (except me) seems to be very concerned that the back of the sink looks unfinished, so the counter lady is going to bring a piece of quartz to install right behind the sink. Frankly, the back of the sink is the very least of my worries, but if it makes everyone else happy, then sure, knock yourself out.

A couple of toe boards went in. Either that gap needs to be filled in or the toe board needs to stop at the end of the cabinet. I don't care which.
And the cornices started going in. It almost looks like a finished cabinet. They also closed the gap between the end of that cabinet and the wall.
Oooh, backsplash!
I'm kind of loving it. We decided to flip the usual subway tile configuration on its side. They're going to use something called glass grout, which I'd never heard of until yesterday. It's translucent. Should be ... interesting?
Surprisingly, three weeks in what's getting to me is not the claustrophobia and it's not my inability to ever find anything I'm looking for. It's the dirt. I feel a strong need to CLEAN.
Because the grub is strong in this house.
And I fear for the future of my hard-won windowsills.
I have no idea what's on deck next. Finishing the backsplash would be my guess. They're still saying this whole thing will be done by the end of next week...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 14: *sniff* It's just so pretty

What a transformation!

What's that?
Could it be?
Yes! Counters! And cabinet doors and side panels! Holy crap I think we may just pull this thing off.
Time for your close-up, beautiful counter.
And let's not forget you, awesomely huge sink.

I honestly have no idea how the counter lady got these things made in under a day. I mean, granted, it's a good bet that it's not the biggest job she ever did but still. I've heard tell of people waiting weeks for their counters.

Next up: backsplash.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 13: Holding pattern

Even though the crew was at the house way longer than usual yesterday, there's not a lot to show. The plastic went back up (boo) because a LOT of sanding of walls was done. We need to pick out paint colors soon. We're definitely having them paint the entire ceiling (kitchen and living room) and we may even have them repaint the living room because a lot of walls have sustained, if not damage, then dings.

And it turns out that the counter stone we had our hearts set on is discontinued (double boo) so we had to pick out a new one over the weekend. The counter lady spent a couple of hours yesterday making a template, and she swears we will have counters today. I am skeptical but open minded.

AND, the crew discovered that one of our base cabinets was damaged in some way, and we got the wrong side panel for another cabinet, so our man Carlos had to take a trip to Ikea to get those things straightened out. Can't have counters if you don't have cabinets.

The far left cabinet is now being swapped out. And see over there, the cabinet that goes above where the fridge will be? There will be a side panel that runs from the top of the cabinet down to the floor so that the fridge looks built in. Ikea's cabinets are all the same color, so if you get a different door color like we did then you have to have those side panels to make it all look uniform.
And the under-sink cabinet doors have been removed because we wanted to have shutoff valves installed for the water. But the cabinet next to it has a door now.
See that big beauty? That's my new sink.
And this is our counter. I can't really tell what I'm looking at, but I'm told that's our very counter.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 12: Now that's more like it

The crew worked on Saturday to keep on schedule. We came home from the cabin to some progress!

The plastic is gone! This can only be a good sign.
The stove is in place and some cabinet doors have been installed.
The cabinet under the sink has doors now.
Looking good, yes?
I believe the end may be in sight.
I think the height of the cabinets will make the kitchen seem larger than it was before. Yay!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 11: I love it when a plan comes together

Things happened!

The wall that will enclose the pantry (seen on left) has been rebuilt. I think they put it too far in before, but it should work now.
There is room to walk in the living room again...
Because some cabinets went in!
Woo! Where the cabinets are missing is where the fridge, stove, microwave, and dishwasher will go.
Next up: the crew is having their company picnic today but they're coming in Saturday to keep on schedule. I assume they will install the appliances and the rest of the cabinets.

Schedule for Monday says that the counters go in. OMG YAY.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 10: Grouted

More of the same today. The counter lady came over, but because the cabinets were not yet in, she couldn't make a template. Apparently that'll happen today. But we did make some decisions about what kind of edge we want (half bullnose), whether we want a curved front to the island (no), and how much of an overhang we want on the front (8 inches? we are unsure).

The new wall for the pantry is gone! Measurements were off, or something, so adjustments had to be made.
But the column has been drywalled.
Some fiddling has been done to get ready for the track and pendant lights.
Drawers have been assembled and are in a few of the cabinets.
Other drawers are waiting in the wings.
And the floor is grouted. We had to live with two box fans blowing on the floor all night to try to rush the drying process along.
So with any luck, today the base cabinets (at least) get installed, and maybe some appliances. The template for the counters gets made, and my living room is once again a walkable space. I hear that the crew has their company picnic on Friday, so it's possible no further work gets done until Monday (when the counters are scheduled to go in!).

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 9: Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!

It would appear that the Great Electrical Caper was a success. There were no complaints from the neighbors about being without power for 4 or 5 hours yesterday, despite the fact that it hit 90. At least we got it done before today, when it's supposed to hit 99, or tomorrow, when it's supposed to hit 101. Gah! I hate summer.

Breaker box access switched to the opposite side.
But it's Hot! Hot! Hot!
The kitchen-facing side of the island front has been drywalled, and that little structure there is apparently to help support the counter.
Drawers are being assembled.
The floor looks done! I think they just need to grout it.
It'll be nice when the cabinets leave the living room.
Next up: the counter lady comes over to make a template. I can only assume that means the cabinets get installed pronto, which: YAY!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 8: It's A-Maze-ing

I feel like a rat in a maze. We have one tiny path of travel through the apartment now because they started putting the cabinets together.

See that little smidgen of floor? That's the path.
You have to sort of sidle all crablike to get to the bathroom and the bedroom.
It's a little crowded up in here.
But look! Floor tiles! They actually arrived and now they're mostly on the floor. I believe this means that the cabinets might be moving to their permanent home soon.
Up next: We are having the power turned off to the entire tier for about 4 hours while the electrician moves the access to the breaker box from one side of the column to the other. My neighbors LOVE me.