Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 2: No Mo' Flo'

Yesterday the crew took up the floor. No dead bodies were found, so yay for that, but they did discover a couple of huge steel beams going across the floor, which are too big to drill through. We plan to move the sink and dishwasher to the island, which means that there needs to be enough room to run water lines from the island to the back wall where all the pipes are. The discovery of these steel beams means that the floor will need to be raised an inch or so. I am fine with that. The back wall will also probably need to come out an inch or two to accommodate the new (and very necessary) framing. I am also fine with that. I'm pretty sure our plans allow for a couple of inches here or there.

Floor: gone.
If anyone knows why workers in either the early 1900s (when the building was built) or the early 1970s (when the building went condo) would fill a floor with what appears to be lava or meteorites, I would love to hear it. This just seems SO very strange to me. Also, you can sort of see the steel beam there between two wood beams.
The fridge has moved to the living room. It is the last remaining old appliance.
Wood and other buildy things, ready for framing next week.
So hopefully from now on things will be relatively straightforward. Probably we're going to ask the building to reimburse us for some of the repairs that need to be made to the walls, since they're utterly not to code.


  1. That's definitely toe up from the flo up. I'll ask Mark about the meteorites. Strange.

  2. Pretty sure the lava stuff is a type of insulation. I have it in my 100 y.o. attic

  3. And, note the lovely heavy duty Sawzall right in the middle of that floor. MMMMMMMM......Sawzall!