Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 10: Grouted

More of the same today. The counter lady came over, but because the cabinets were not yet in, she couldn't make a template. Apparently that'll happen today. But we did make some decisions about what kind of edge we want (half bullnose), whether we want a curved front to the island (no), and how much of an overhang we want on the front (8 inches? we are unsure).

The new wall for the pantry is gone! Measurements were off, or something, so adjustments had to be made.
But the column has been drywalled.
Some fiddling has been done to get ready for the track and pendant lights.
Drawers have been assembled and are in a few of the cabinets.
Other drawers are waiting in the wings.
And the floor is grouted. We had to live with two box fans blowing on the floor all night to try to rush the drying process along.
So with any luck, today the base cabinets (at least) get installed, and maybe some appliances. The template for the counters gets made, and my living room is once again a walkable space. I hear that the crew has their company picnic on Friday, so it's possible no further work gets done until Monday (when the counters are scheduled to go in!).

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