Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 6: Crowded House

Some more electrical and plumbing work happened.

More pipes.
Looks like there's now connections for the sink. I think I saw one going across to where the fridge is going ... I assume that the new fridge has an ice maker of some kind.
Subfloor and drywall materials have arrived! This bodes well.
But really the highlight of the day is that all the appliances except the microwave and all the cabinets and the sink have now arrived.

My new super silent dishwasher and pretty stove with bright blue interior.
DVR access was nice while it lasted. That's one thousand pounds of cabinets right there.
And my new grownup fridge with bottom freezer! I will name it George and I will hug it and pet it and squeeze it.
Waaaaaaaaah...careful, we've got some Repo Man action going on up in here.
So. If we can keep the bully property manager out of the crew's hair I believe a new subfloor and drywall are in the immediate future. And I'm getting the runaround from the floor tile people, so send some good mojo my way that the stuff arrives, like, now. Floor installation is scheduled for Monday, and until that happens nothing else can get installed.

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