Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 15: Splash!

I guess the counter lady came back to do some sanding or something. Everyone (except me) seems to be very concerned that the back of the sink looks unfinished, so the counter lady is going to bring a piece of quartz to install right behind the sink. Frankly, the back of the sink is the very least of my worries, but if it makes everyone else happy, then sure, knock yourself out.

A couple of toe boards went in. Either that gap needs to be filled in or the toe board needs to stop at the end of the cabinet. I don't care which.
And the cornices started going in. It almost looks like a finished cabinet. They also closed the gap between the end of that cabinet and the wall.
Oooh, backsplash!
I'm kind of loving it. We decided to flip the usual subway tile configuration on its side. They're going to use something called glass grout, which I'd never heard of until yesterday. It's translucent. Should be ... interesting?
Surprisingly, three weeks in what's getting to me is not the claustrophobia and it's not my inability to ever find anything I'm looking for. It's the dirt. I feel a strong need to CLEAN.
Because the grub is strong in this house.
And I fear for the future of my hard-won windowsills.
I have no idea what's on deck next. Finishing the backsplash would be my guess. They're still saying this whole thing will be done by the end of next week...

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