Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 14: *sniff* It's just so pretty

What a transformation!

What's that?
Could it be?
Yes! Counters! And cabinet doors and side panels! Holy crap I think we may just pull this thing off.
Time for your close-up, beautiful counter.
And let's not forget you, awesomely huge sink.

I honestly have no idea how the counter lady got these things made in under a day. I mean, granted, it's a good bet that it's not the biggest job she ever did but still. I've heard tell of people waiting weeks for their counters.

Next up: backsplash.


  1. Absolutely Fabulous! Black Galaxy granite countertop with a deep porcelain sink in an island bar? Did you opt in for an ice maker and soda-bar tap? What time are cocktails?

    This has been so much fun to watch.

    1. Trust me, we're having a party. I may even invite you!