Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 3: Framing

Not a lot of visible progress today, although we did get into it with the management company, so that was fun. They are trying to convince us that the complete lack of fireproofing in the walls is somehow our fault and that we should bear the expense of bringing it to code. We do not agree. There will be words.

The wall that will contain my new pantry has begun. I did a little happy dance. The column has also been shaved down a bit. The plan is for it to be more or less the same depth as the pantry.
I imagine that there's no board there in the middle because that horror show of code-breaking mess has to be fixed first.
And the newly raised floor.
Apparently the crew is going to get some fire-retardant foam and fire-retardant drywall, which may mean a further loss of space. My ever-shrinking kitchen!! All my new stuff better still fit.

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