Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 16: Smidgens

More sanding. More backsplash. More cornices.

Painting is supposed to happen Monday and Tuesday ... I suppose I should decide on a color or two. My color choices probably won't please anyone but me.
Backsplash is just about done. You may be wondering where the microwave is. So am I. It's been on a slow boat from Korea for, like, one million years. We're supposed to have it in hand next Thursday. We realized last night that it won't entirely fill the space above the stove so we have to figure out what to do about that.
Cabinets are looking super fancy. They were asking about handle placement so maybe those will go on soon. Yay!
And here's a closeup of the unfinished back of the sink that's causing so much angst. It doesn't bother me, but whatever.
So we're just down to the finishing touches now, I think. Toe boards, the pieces that go on the bottom of the cabinets, etc. I gather that they're not putting in the lighting or the fridge and pantry until after they paint, so that'll all be next week.

We're getting close!


  1. Wonder why "they" didn't glaze the back edge, since it's a drop-in sink...I guess they figured that side would be facing a wall. I agree with you--it's not a biggie.

    1. Yes, I think that's exactly it. I'm not sure they had islands in mind when they made that sink. But for the price I paid it is SO not an issue. The counter lady is concerned, though, so if she wants to put a piece of quartz up against the back of the sink, I'm not going to stop her.

  2. Hmmm...yeah, but won't that look wierd, another piece of countertop just sticking up? I'm sure she knows what she's doing....I wouldn't think it was a biggie either, find a long trough like pottery vessel to put there for soap and scrubbies or whatever.

    I have an idea for under your micro - put one of those stainless rails, with hooks that hang down, for tools and stuff. Or a short 4" wide shelf for salt/pepper, etc.

    Where are you going to put your spices now that the side of the fridge is covered? Do you have fancy pullouts in the pantry? :) Looking good!