Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 7: The Walls Close In

Hooray! Visible progress! I feel like from here on it it's smooth (and fast) sailing. Also: everything has arrived. We now have floor tile (at last), backsplash, and pendant lights for the island, all of which have been en route and which have been causing me angst. The only things we have yet to buy are the track lighting, a sink faucet, and a garbage disposal. Piece of cake.

Pantry area is walled in. We wanted to leave that area at the top open to let in some light. Future plans include a piece of stained glass, or maybe we'll just put a piece of artwork up there and call it good.

Island front is also walled in.
No more gaping hole in the wall! I can't describe what a relief that is. And to appease the jerk property manager, that's fire-resistant drywall, and they sprayed foam in the hole. Hopefully that'll keep him out of our hair.
And the lava is once again lurking beneath the floor boards.
Next week: Floor tile! Cabinets! Appliances!

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