Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 18: Handle it

I had hoped the painting was going to happen yesterday, but instead all the door handles got put on, yet more spackling was done, and some minor adjustments were made.

Yay handles! I think they look great.
Handles, handles everywhere.
They also closed up the gap to the left of this cabinet. It's fine I suppose. I think I might have preferred to lop off the baseboard at the end of the cabinet, but hey, this way at least I don't ever have to worry about the dust buildup back in there.
And the under-cabinet thingies started going in. I have no idea what those are called. They'll hide the puck lighting.
I'm told that painting will happen today. The painters told Tom that my living room paint job looked "old and tired," so I've been outvoted on that and they will repaint the entire living room.

Our fancy grout has been en route via UPS for a week, I found out yesterday. Theoretically it arrived yesterday so maybe that will get done as well. And the elusive microwave should arrive Thursday.

So still to do: finish the backsplash; paint the ceiling, kitchen, and living room; finish fiddling with the cabinets; install the microwave; hook up the gas and water and install the faucet; install the lighting. I'm not convinced they can get all that done in three days (obvs not working on July 4). But they've consistently surprised me, so I remain cautiously optimistic.

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