Thursday, July 26, 2012

All together now

So! It's been a couple of weeks, and we're finally all put together. As predicted, there were multiple trips to Ikea and the Container Store, but I think we're finally set. Naturally, the very second I was ready to finally bake a damn cake the air conditioning crapped out on us. It's supposed to hit 101 today, and finally the AC repair guy is supposed to come and assess the situation. I want cake!


We got art put back on the walls.

We found this awesome chalkboard/mail and key storage thing at Ikea for $15. It is, miraculously, the exact right size to cover up the hideous breaker box panel.
My black and white wall looks so much better against the green than it ever did against my old dirty "white" walls.
My favorite piece of art in the world has escaped the confines of the bedroom because it fits perfectly between the fridge and the pantry. Glare be damned.
And my colorful little prints pop much better now too.
I am now unbelievably organized.

The cupboard above the pantry. Not even half full.
The Mighty Pantry. It doesn't look like it but there's also a ton of space left here.
Mixy things.
Boozy things.
ALL plates and bowls and mugs in the same space. I never thought I'd see the day.
My big-ass Fiesta silverware fits! And no more big ugly knife block for us.
But the crowning glory is, of course, the deep drawers. Pots and lids all fit. YAY.
GAH! I can't even stand it.
This started out as the baking drawer but somehow an ice cube tray and the Le Creuset and the colander snuck in there.
And all the glass bake ware.

Lovely, no??

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