Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 19: I see your true colors shining through

This is the point where a love/hate schism might occur. The kitchen is painted! I love it. Tom ... doesn't hate it. The contractors were really skeptical when they opened the can, but they're coming around.

They started painting the ceiling. Clearly it needed to be done. I guess this is what comes of living in a city. Or maybe what comes of living in general. I really need a new smoke detector.
They took down the containment wall! It's a huge psychological boost to have a free entryway to the bathroom and bedroom, even if the rest of the place is still covered in plastic.
And here it is ... Pear Green, at your service.
I will admit that it's perhaps a bit more vivid than I thought it would be, but the more I live with it the more I love it.
And it'll work well with the lighting and the counters, and it'll also be muted somewhat when we put all the art work back on the walls.
The microwave has been delayed YET ANOTHER day and will arrive Friday. UPS lost the grout, so that's still not done. I suspect that the fridge and pantry might move into their homes today. I will do a little happy dance if that happens.

I think we're dangerously close to being done with this thing. I am very much looking forward to walking around in bare feet again.

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  1. I LOVE the colors...I would do the same kind of thing if I could. Syd