Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 20: The home stretch

Most of the living room is now painted, the grout arrived and went in, and the pantry moved to its new home. Sort of.

Now that the front wall of the kitchen/island isn't stark white, I think that mutes the green a tiny bit.
The Mighty Pantry. Apparently the feet are missing so it's not jammed all the way back and the doors and shelves aren't in place yet.
All of the baseboards in the whole apartment are brown. It really ties the room together, Dude.
I will, reluctantly, admit that the new paint lines are straighter and cleaner than I managed. I need to find out how they did that.
Glass grout is in. We were told that as it dries it will become more translucent.
Look at all that room! I feel like playing tennis or something.
Today the electrician is back, which I assume means that the breaker box will be put back together and all the lighting will go in. I'm pretty excited about the prospect. Not sure if they'll have time to hook up the gas and water.

Today is "officially" the last day of the project, but it seems pretty clear that it's going to go into the weekend, or possibly Monday, since tomorrow's high is projected to be 106 and nobody wants to work in that kind of heat.

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