Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rather pleased with myself

I finally finished the kitchen at the cabin. This is a project that started during Memorial Day week, where I painted all the cabinets. Then the condo kitchen remodel went into full swing, and I just couldn't bring myself to finish the cabin kitchen.

Until two weekends ago, when I finally sucked it up and primed the walls. I have to say, wood paneled walls are not the most fun thing in the world to paint. But at least I was only dealing with two walls.

At this point I was pretty sure I'd made a terrible mistake, but clearly it was already too late to turn back.

After one coat of primer things were looking up, but there was still an awful lot of paneling showing through. I'd read horror stories about multiple coats of primer not stopping the paneling from leaking through.
But my beloved Benjamin Moore came through again! Two coats was all it took.
That was exhausting.

Then last weekend I finished the paint job. More proof that I am not afraid of color:

Twenty minutes in and I was already happy.
Although it looked like the aftermath of a grisly Tweety Bird massacre for a while.
Two coats of paint later. Let me once again extol the virtues of Benjamin Moore Aura paint. It's expensive, but it's SO very worth it. And I still have more than half a can left over. Color: Hannah Banana. How could I resist?
We bought a shelf from Ikea that fits very nicely in the blank space on the wall. A little puck light over the sink adds some warmth.
So! From this...
To this. For under $200. Not too shabby, I say.
We will be replacing the hinges with silver ones, and I am pretty sure we're going to resurface the crappy counters with this, eventually, but for now I decree the cabin kitchen: DONE.


  1. I have to say that this looks amazing! You guys have done a great job, so my question is this.. when are you going to come out West and fix my kitchen?