Monday, February 24, 2014

My closets' long reign of terror is over

We gave the coat closet a much-needed makeover, after the resounding success of the bedroom closet.

Oh this thing was crammed full.

Not one single more coat could be crammed in there. I literally had no idea what all was on that shelf. I will say that The Container Store's over-the-door shoe holder has been a life saver. All the random crap that has no other home eventually makes it into that thing.
All cleaned out and ready for spackling and painting.
It looked like damn murder site in there.
Better! And since this was a much smaller space it didn't take me the entire day to paint.

Here it is installed, sans a couple of pieces of fascia which came in the wrong length. Long hang on the left, short hang on the right, with the option of removing those middle two shelves and installing another hanging rod should we ever need to do that.
Et voila! I bought all matching wood hangers, and we spent a ridiculous amount of time at The Container Store battling over which baskets and boxes would work best. I'm pretty pleased with the outcome ... believe it or not half of those things are empty.

So in conclusion, if you need to upgrade a closet, hold out for Elfa's annual sale and then DO IT.

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